Breed: Great Pyranees
DOB: 1/2019
Sex: Neutered male
65 pounds, will be 95-100lbs as an adult!
Foster home: Kim

Finley is a 9 month old Great Pyrenees puppy.  This sweet boy had a rough start on life.  He was kept in a pen in a barn for the first 8 months of life.  When he was rescued by the animal control officer, he had a cattle tag matted into his fur, he was infested with worms and fleas and had a double ear bacterial and yeast infection.  Finley had never had a bath or any type of grooming done and had never been inside a home.  Since his rescue, he has been treated for all the parasites, had vaccines, bathed, groomed and nails trimmed. He has been working on building confidence in new situations and EVERY situation right now is new.  He is doing super and has tons of confidence while at home and is learning that going for a ride sometimes ends up in a super fun place like a park or pet parade (not just the vet’s office).  He is learning to walk on a leash, play with toys, chew on appropriate objects, learning about treats and learning how to be a dog!

Finley’s temperament is fantastic. He is great with other dogs, wants to play with cats and chickens (chases them) and is great with kids.  We would recommend a home with kids 8 and older though because he doesn’t have manners yet and he’s such a large puppy.  He’s around 65lbs right now and still growing.  I estimate his adult weight to be around 95lbs but only time will tell.  Finley is not a high energy puppy but he does have bursts of energy.  He needs to learn how to control that energy and be appropriate with it which will come with training and time.  He’s a hoot.  Finley is a fan of attention and has learned to ask for it by leaning on you or staring you in the face until you give him some love.  He sometimes thinks he’s a lap dog which is great if you like big puppy cuddles. 

Finley will need a home with patience and willingness to expose him to all the wonderful things in this world.  He will need someone to work with him on training.  He is a very, VERY smart boy and learns quickly but is also very stubborn, this makes him a little more difficult to train.  Someone with a strong but gentle approach and positive reinforcement is what he needs.  He responds very well to positive situations and learns very quickly when his reward is positive. He will need an Extra Large Vari-Kennel (NO WIRE CRATE) to keep him safe while you are away from home and at night. Finley has some slight anxiety issues and will pull the fur out of his legs and chew on it.  He also shows minor signs of separation anxiety when someone leaves.  He will whine and bark for a minute and then he’s fine. 

He has fur.  LOTS OF FUR.  SO.MUCH.FUR. He will need regular grooming to keep him mat free and happy. He tolerates brushing just fine for periods of time.  Finley is not a fan of bathing but he put up with it and allowed me to bathe him almost completely.  Such a good boy! Please review this training link before applying:

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