That’s me on the left side standing with my two “brothers”.

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
DOB: 5/15/20
2 years
Sex: Spayed female
64 pounds
Foster home: Christine E.

Hi, my name is Evie!   My foster Mommy says it means A Breath of Life.  My first year and 9 months of my life, I was chained to a tree and I lived outside with only a piece of plywood on the ground. I didn’t have any shelter from the elements.  I didn’t have a name, except for baby girl and I didn’t even have a bowl for food.  Food was just thrown on the ground for me and my brother to eat.   

The nice mail lady contacted a rescue person to try to help us.  The rescue person visited my dad and tried to get him to surrender us to her as the weather was getting worse and a big storm was coming.  She was worried we wouldn’t make it without any shelter and in the cold temperatures we would freeze to death.  He didn’t want to give me up initially and then he heard me crying one night because it was so cold out.  He called the nice rescue lady and said if she could find a place for me, he would let me go.  My foster Mommy said she would take me in.  That was when I started my journey to my new life and my Foster Mommy in Michigan.

I am a good girl, and I am very affectionate, and I just want to be near my foster mommy and have her pet me.  She said she is so proud of me as I am potty trained, and she wasn’t expecting that with me living outside.  She said that I am still learning things and that whoever wants to be my new family, will have to keep me on a routine and be consistent with me and have patience.  It will take time as I have had so much change in these past few months.  I am liking nylabones and I did tear up my first stuffed animal the other day and I like Kongs stuffed with good treats inside.   I will need some training to learn basic commands, but I know sit and foster Mommy says I am really smart and I listen well.  I need some help with learning how to be a dog and how to play and interact with everyone.
Foster Mommy says that I am doing amazing at walking on a leash and that I walk nicely and don’t pull. I seem to not be able to go for super long walks yet and get tired but practice makes perfect.

 My foster Mommy wants to say a few things:

Evie would do best in a home with someone who has experience with the bully breed.  It would be nice if she had a fenced in yard so that she could run around in it safely and not be on a chain again.  Since she is a bigger girl, it would be best if children are over the age of 10, so she doesn’t knock them down.  She is not a super jumpy girl, except for sitting up/jumping up for treats, but she does get excited at times and can get some zoomies.   I am not sure about cats as I don’t have any.  Evie is fully integrated with my 2 medium sized (45-52 lb) fur boys who are 2 and 6 years old and she adores them.  She has also been around small dogs at our Pet Parade event and she was not reactive to them.  I think she would do great with a fur sibling, probably a brother, more her size, would be best but a meet and greet would be necessary.

She is young and she does love to play with them so she needs to learn some boundaries too.  She is just the sweetest girl ever and just wants to be loved and have you pay attention to her.  I call her my Velvet Hippo.  She is so soft and her old, dark brown fur, from living outside, never having a bath, is being replaced with her beautiful, silver-blue fur.  She is a great sleeper and a snorer at times.  

She also snorts sometimes when she gets excited.  She is going to make someone or some family very happy.  She is such a wonderful loving girl.

Video walking on a leash.

Video of Evie.

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