ernie face

Legg Perthes Disease


Breed: Poodle mix
DOB: 2005
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Maggie
Thanks to OSLF for sponsoring a large portion of Ernie’s surgery!!


Ernie is an 8-month-old kissy, cuddly, sweet poodle mix. He came to APB from a shelter that thought he may have been hit by a car but couldn’t afford to send him to a vet. Unfortunately, once APB’s vets got a good look at some X-Rays, it was determined that Ernie suffers from a genetic condition called Legg Perthes Disease. Legg Perthes is a condition that cripples both dogs and humans by deteriorating the ball end of the femur bone where it fits into the hip socket.

The disease is extremely painful and because of it, smart little Ernie has taught himself to walk balancing on his two front legs. Because of this, his hind leg muscles have atrophied down to nearly nothing and the longer he goes on like this, the more difficult it will be for him to regain use of them.

The good news is that in small dogs like this sweet young puppy, surgery and follow-up hydrotherapy can be done that will allow him to walk and have a relatively healthy, normal and most important pain free life. The bad news: this surgery is very, VERY expensive.

In spite of his severe pain, Ernie has the temperament and patience of an angel and will make a wonderful, loving companion, providing that APB can provide for his surgery. Ernie really needs your help!! Because this surgery is more than APB could normally afford, we are trying to find additional funds to help us turn this sweet, lovable but otherwise healthy boy into all that he can be!!