Inguinal Hernia and Bi-lateral Luxating Patella surgery

Breed: Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix
DOB: 2005
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Kim & Amy

UPDATE: 9/1/2008

Ellie is healed and ready for adoption!!!  Now that she is feeling good, she runs like a little pony and can jump and go up and down stairs and basically has NO problems with her knee.  After seeing how well she gets around and that she never cries or acts like her knee hurts her at all, the veterinarian recommended that we not do any surgery on her since she really does not need it.  So this spunky little girl is all done with having surgeries and wants to find a lap that will take her anytime she is ready to relax and have some attention.


Ellie’s original story:

When I showed up as a stray in a shelter they thought I had a big ole’ tumor on my belly.  I was sent to rescue and the vet found out that I just had a big ole’ inguinal hernia.  When I got spayed, I had that big ole’ hole sewn up to keep my insides from sticking out my belly.  Now I have a big ole’ scar that is healing up.  Meanwhile, I had been walking kind of funny so the vet checked out my hips and knees.  I found out I have a big ole’ luxated patella and the doctor called it a Grade IV because my kneecap stays out of its proper place all the time.

I am not real active right now but once I am really healed from my other big ole’ expensive surgery, these people here will have to decide if I would be better off getting surgery on my knee or not.  You see, they are not sure if I have pain or not.  If I can run and jump and act like nothing is wrong, then I think it would be silly to give me more pain with a surgery.  But if my knee really hurts me, then I will need some more big ole’ money to help me pay the doctor to fix it!