Breed:  Standard Poodle
DOB: 2005
Sex: Spayed female
Weight:  33 pounds


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Ebony is a sweet senior but her owner was not able to keep her any longer.   She went to the vet for a checkup and some growths were found that need to be removed and biopsied.  Her bloodwork was okay but the growths are of a concern especially since she has been losing weight and rarely wanted to eat.  In addition to this pending surgery and lab work, she has a very bad ear infection.  She is improving with treatment but with all the initial tests and treatments, she already has a bill close to $400.


Before surgery to remove the growths, it was decided to radiograph Ebony’s abdomen.  The radiographs were abnormal but not sufficient to diagnose what was wrong.  Exploratory surgery was started.  Unfortunately Ebony’s abdominal organs were full of adhesions to each other.  This prevented motility of the intestines.  Surgery to remove the adhesions was not practical for an extremely underweight dog of her age plus it is not very often successful.

Even though Ebony never acted like she was in pain, she was basically starving to death.  The decision was made to let her go where she would not have to worry about eating again.

Rest in peace sweet girl.  We thoroughly enjoyed taking care of you for the short time we had together.


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