Heartworm Treatment

Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
DOB: 2003
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 63 pounds
Foster home: Cheryle
Duke came into a shelter in Taylor, Michigan as an owner surrender. He obviously was not cared for. When he arrived he was so emaciated that it looked like he had been on his own for month. His ribs stuck out painfully. Besides being emaciated he tested positive for heartworm, had ear infections and suffered from hair loss. He is currently on medication for ear infections and hair loss.
The vet and other volunteers loved him and thought he deserved a chance at a better life. To that end he came into foster care with Animal Placement Bureau where we will get him the necessary but expensive medical attention he needs. He will be neutered along with having heartworm treatment.
It has been several months of hard work getting Duke physically better before we can do the heartworm treatment and neuter. After twice a day feedings on good dog food his coat is looking better and Duke is finally filling out somewhat. Some of his hair loss may be permanent but it doesn’t affect his disposition.
He is typical lab and really enjoys his food. Duke is good with the other dogs in my home. He is a big, goofy guy with an easy disposition. Duke knows the sit command and sits even faster with a treat in sight. We are unsure about how good he is with cats.
Duke prefers a comfy bed or couch with his head in your lap or right next to you. He is quiet in the house unless he is crated but he is getting resigned to spending time in the crate. Duke walks around with a stuffed toy in his mouth all the time. If the toy isn’t available he will grab a shoe. He isn’t destructive he just likes to carry things in his mouth.
This wonderful boy deserves to spend his days with love and companionship as well as comfort and food. Please help us help him.