Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2015
Neutered Male
Weight: 7 lbs.
Foster: Jan and Al

Domino was left at a home along with two other dogs when his owner died.  A relative came in to give then food and water, but that is all.  So another relative contacted APB to see if we could take them in.  Domino was the smallest and most scared, but he has come around to be a happy, cuddly, sweet little guy.  He has been good with the other dogs here, but does not play with them as yet. Not sure he knows how to play though.  He does seem to be potty trained as he will go outside or on the pee pads by the door (like when it is raining!)  He likes to be outside and run around the yard, and looks so cute running.  But being hidden under a blanket on the couch is his favorite thing. Be careful not to sit on him! The vet said he was very good for them when he had his neuter and dental done recently.  The one thing he doesn’t like yet is to ride in the car – he gets very nervous and shakes! Don’t know how he would be with children yet, but since he’s so small, he would be better off with no small children.  He is just so sweet and lovable that you can’t resist this little guy!  For more info, email