dexter0516-3 Dexter AussieDoodle L xray

Old right elbow fracture healed wrong

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Standard Poodle mix
DOB: 2/2/2015
Sex: Neutered male
54 lbs

Dexter has a bad limp.  X-rays show that some bones were broken in and near his elbow a long time ago and they have healed together incorrectly.  Surgery will be expensive.  We are still getting quotes and will update but we expect it will not be less than $500.

dexter0516-2 dexter0516

Please considering helping Dexter to be able to walk without hurting and without a limp.

UPDATE:  Dexter has had quite a few veterinarians and specialists check him out.  Unfortunately, there is no surgery that will correct his “elbow” joint and he is not a candidate for elbow joint replacement.  Amputation is not recommended because he can be kept very comfortable with daily doses of Glucosamine, MSM and Lubrisyn.  We have purchased these supplements and have seen improvement within a few days.  Dexter is now available for adoption to the right home and long distance adoptions will likely not be considered.

Email for more information.

Thanks to Karen Corwin and Toy Hogan for their generous donations!

Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146