Distichiasis surgery

Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2011
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 10 pounds

My eyes really bother me. I have Distichiasis – extra eyelashes growing inside my eyelids. It’s a problem that causes a lot of pain and can damage my eyes. My problem is quite severe so my regular vet wants an eye vet to do the surgery I need done. I need lots of money to pay him because he will be using special instruments and working quite a while on me. I overheard someone say it was more than $1000! Yikes! I don’t have a job and I don’t have any savings and I don’t have any inheritance. Can you help me?

There is an old Shih Tzu legend passed down from generation to generation that a Shih Tzu puppy born with one brown-colored eye and one blue-colored eye will be able to see through walls! When the puppy gets older, it will be able to see in the dark, too! Now won’t I make a great guard dog?


My foster mom just caught me writing this and said I have to tell you that I totally made that up. She says the reason I have different colored eyes is something about my jeans.
Oh, I spelled that wrong she says. It is genes. So I have “complete heterochromia” — which just means I have a lack of melanin pigment in my right eye but normal pigment in my left eye.
I think my story was a LOT more interesting, though!

Anyway, I get along great with other dogs, I love to meet people at adoption events, I am housetrained and I have two different colored eyes. I am use to a fenced in yard but I walk pretty well on a leash so I may do fine with the housetraining if you don’t have a fenced yard.

I can get a little nervous around really little humans; especially the ones that crawl and don’t walk too steady and I haven’t met any cats so I am not sure what I think of them.

If this all sounds good, apply for me and maybe I can tell you a new story about my eyes!