Breed: Bichon/Poodle mix
DOB: 2020
Sex: Spayed females
Linda M 

These bichon/poodle mixes came in together from a puppy mill. They take awhile to warm up to people they don’t know.
They give each other confidence to be curious with new people and situations. They are both about 3 years, spayed and crate trained.
Darla has more of a bichon personality and Lily has more of a poodle personality and both are very
smart and playful. Darla weighs close to 10 pounds and Lily is 8 pounds.
I am requiring a fenced in yard and no children
under the age of 10 because both will run if they get out of the house or yard or away on a walk.
They both walk well
on a leash and both ride well in the car except Darla gets carsick.
Please email me at if you have questions or fill out an application at