Breed: Terrier mix?
DOB: 2015
Sex: Spayed female
18 pounds
Foster home: Gayle
Daisey is an 18 pound, 7 year old female mixed terrier (we are just guessing!) who gets along great with kids and cats. She is very friendly to everyone, familiar or not. She loves to sit beside you and is so appreciative of any attention she gets.

We don’t believe that Daisey was exposed to dog toys, or even played a game of fetch, because she doesn’t show any interest in either. With a little attention, she most likely would very much enjoy playing with toys or chasing balls, because she loves to run around her foster home’s fenced in back yard and is quite energetic.

Daisey also needs some leash training, and because she is very smart (she learned how to sit in just a couple of days), would soon learn how to walk without pulling.

Daisey is house trained, eats and sleeps great, and is quite a calm dog – most of the time! She has a 4 year old sister (Phoebe) whom she has always lived with. The home she came from also had two other dogs. Because Daisey and her sister are currently the only dogs in her foster home, we do not have much first hand information on how she gets along with unfamiliar dogs. She may also need some work on her manners because she just doesn’t understand that jumping on people when they walk in the door isn’t the best thing to do. Because she is quite a small dog, this is not a huge problem.

Daisey is a loving, friendly, fun dog, who would be a great addition to anyone’s family. For more information, please email

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