Pancreatic Insufficiency

Breed: Cairn Terrier DOB: 2012 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 9 pounds Foster: Linda W. There was something wrong with Coco – she kept having diarrhea and all her parasite tests came back negative.  Blood test results also came back normal.  We didn’t have a whole lot of history on her but finally the vet decided we needed to have a very expensive blood test done that would have to be sent out to a special lab. It was worth it though because we finally had an answer!  The results came back that Coco was positive for pancreatic insufficiency. coco_at_lindas4 She is on a supplement now so that she can digest her food and already has gained a little weight and is a much more active dog.  Unfortunately her vet bill is almost over $500 already.  Can you help Coco pay up so that she can afford to keep getting her supplements?  (They are only about $12 per month but it keeps adding up!)