Hospice Foster

Breed: Pug DOB: 2004 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Tom & Terrie

Chubby Hugs was found stray in Lansing .  After his hold was up in the local shelter, he came to live in the Pug foster home in APB.  Sadly, at his first visit to the vet, we learned that he is deaf, mostly blind, and has a terminal heart condition.  Chubby has a lot of love to give, too much perhaps, as his heart is three times the normal size!  We do not know how long Chubby will live.  He requires daily medications in the form of three separate prescription drugs.  As Chubby will remain in his foster home the rest of his life, we are asking for donations to help offset the cost of his medication.  Chubby is sweet and loves to give kisses.  He also likes to take “power naps” as the picture shows!   Chubbynap Chubby will be loved, spoiled, and well-cared for as long as he’s around. Update: Chubby Hugs crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1/26/08.  He had developed complications with his liver and fought a brave fight.  He is very much missed by his foster mommy and daddy. Many thanks to all of his sponsors, the kind staff of Miller Animal Clinic, and to those who sent good wishes and notes of condolence.  Best wishes little buddy – you were so loved! Thanks to Ellen Van Buren for sponsoring Chubby Hugs!