Breed: Dachshund/Terrier mix
DOB: 2017
Sex: Spayed female
Weight:  16 pounds
Foster home: Jan and Al


Chloe does not have the usual Doxie or terrier personality.  She is very calm, and mellow most of the time, and doesn’t chase small animals! Mostly she just likes to hang out and sleep on the bed or couch under blankets.  Sometimes she likes to play with her toys, like tug chase and fetch, but not for too long at any time. She also likes walks but pulls hard. Maybe  she would like to run instead of walk! She would need a well fitting harness though, as she can wiggle out of some of them.   We don’t know how she would be with children, but she plays very gently with me.  Chloe greets most people with wagging tail, but seems to be afraid of those with Covid masks on, so probably wouldn’t take to men wearing hats either.  She is totally house-trained and will whine to let you know when she needs to go out.  She is a sweet dog who loves belly rubs, and is just very easy to have around.  For any questions, please contact  Applications for adoption can be found at