Breed: Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua mix
DOB: 8/2021
Sex: Spayed female
  8 pounds
Foster home: Marie

Fostered near Owosso

This is a very active and athletic little girl.  Her foster home has a large fenced yard and whenever the she is let outside, Chelsea runs very fast to the end of the yard and back and then around and around way ahead of the other dogs.  She is fast!  Once she is done with her potty business, she is not always ready to come back inside as she loves to be outside.  If she is called to go back in, she ignores the calls if she wants to stay and play outside.  She will let her humans come to pick her up – she lies down and rolls over though. Maybe she is thinking they won’t bother to pick her up and carry her back inside.  Silly little dog.

When she is in the house and has had enough exercise, she will sit in laps but many times she is trying to play with the other dogs or taking a toy and trying to get her foster people to play with the toy with her. 

The best home for Chelsea will have a physically fenced yard that is tall enough that she cannot jump over it. 

She is not crate trained but she is house trained.  In fact, she usually wakes up around 6:00 am and starts pawing her sleeping humans to let them know she has to go outside.  If they want to go back to bed after she is done, she is more than happy to join them for a while.

She may do fine as an only dog but only if she gets enough attention and exercise.  However she would probably will be much happier with another dog to play with.  

Adding one more thing about Crazy Chelsea — she is hard on toys as she likes to destroy them.  This includes the squeaker and all the stuffing. When she’s done annihilating it, there is animal stuffing everywhere.   

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