Breed: Mixed breed
DOB: Young
Sex: Neutered male
  23 pounds
Foster home: Linda M.

Charlie is a young, neutered male dog who is happy-go-lucky and just loves to play. He is energetic, smart, inquisitive and bit of a tease so would be best in an household with another playful dog who also likes to play from morning to night. 

Charlie is fast and can jump 5 feet in the air with all four feet off the ground so definitely needs to be in a fenced in yard and is best with children ten years old on up so he doesn’t hurt anyone. He is very agile with his long legs and would be great at agility but also can be impulsive so has gotten himself stuck at times, too.

Somewhat unusual pose for Charlie!

A donated DNA test was done on Charlie. He is quite a mixture but his personality is much like a herding breed.
DNA Results:
50% Breed Group(s) — Herding, Companion, Mountain Dogs
12.5% Bernese Mountain Dog
12.5% Chihuahua
12.5% Pekingese
12.5% Shih Tzu

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