Breed: Mix of Viszla?  Redbone? Bully Breed?
DOB: April 2019
Sex: Neutered male
  42 pounds
Foster home: Shaina

Hi everybody, Chance here. I’m a sweet young pup looking for my new home. I’m about ten months old and maybe a bully breed mixed with Redbone or Vizsla given my coat color. I weigh 42 lbs right now, I might still get a little bigger yet. I’m a little on the timid side but once I get to know you I’m very sweet! I’m very friendly with other dogs, I like to run around, play tug of war, give them kisses, and wrestle with them. Not sure if I’ve ever met a cat before so don’t know how I feel about them.

I have medium exercise needs- I’d want to go for a walk or have you throw my ball around a couple times a week. Foster mom says I’m quite well mannered for my age: I’m almost potty trained, I don’t jump up, I listen well to “no”, I take treats gently, I go right into my crate without being told, I don’t drool, I don’t pull on my leash, I ride well in the car, and I haven’t chewed or gotten into anything I’m not supposed to at home!

I don’t bark a ton, but when I do I have a deep voice. I may not be a good fit at an apartment with people coming and going because I’d probably try to help warn you when I hear something *scary* but your neighbors may not like that. At home I love playing toys and then getting to cuddle up next to you. I do love giving kisses to my favorite humans. My tail is docked so when I’m excited sometimes you can see me wiggle a bit instead. 
The only thing I need to work on is being more confident with new people and places. Right now I get a little scared. I went to Petco the day foster mom picked me up and I tried to hide in a rack of doggie sweaters. If someone new comes into the house I’ll back away, and I might bark at them because I’m afraid. I like it a lot better if they sit down and give me a treat instead. It’ll only take a few days being at my new home and then you’ll be my new favorite human! 

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