Breed: Hairless Chinese Crested
DOB: 2011
Sex: Neutered male
9 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I am a very sweet little boy and if you have a lap that is empty, I will gladly fill it!  And if it is not warm outside, I love to snuggle under a blanket.  Sometimes even if it isn’t cold outside, I like to do that or else lay in the sun that is coming through the windows.
I will go in a crate — but please put  a blankie in there for me to burrow under — or at night, I would love to sleep on the bed with you.  Under a blanket of course!

I gladly go outside to do my business as long as it is not too cold and not raining or snowing.  If it is, then I have to be persuaded to go out and you probably have to go with me to make sure I stay out long enough to remember why I am out there.

It would be perfect if I found a home where they didn’t have these hairy dogs.  I don’t really care for them.  I also don’t appreciate the noise and action of children.  I don’t bite or anything but it is obvious I am not real happy about it.  

I have not met cats but they might be okay to live with.  A fenced yard would be best in my new home because I have never lived where there wasn’t one and I don’t walk very good on a leash.

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