Cocker Spaniel
DOB: 2007
Sex: Spayed Female
Weight: 24 pounds

Hiya! I’m Cali – sometimes, they call me Boo, or Cali Boo…doesn’t matter what they call me, my tail is wagging!

I came from a place where I had puppies all the time. They took me to the vet and said they didn’t need me anymore…what?! But APB said – c’mon over, Boo. We’ll find you a nice spot.

My foster mom took me to the vet, and…I had some issues. First, I had a big bulgy eye due to glaucoma. I was totally blind in that eye, and partially in the other. The vet said – that has to hurt a LOT, Cali – that eye has to come out. Then, when they removed my eye and spayed me, they discovered I had LOTS of lumpy bumpy tumors. That made my foster mom sad!

But then we got the BESTEST NEWS EVER! All of my lumpy bumpies were BENIGN!!! I don’t know what that means, but it made my foster mom REALLY HAPPY!

I still need to get my teeth cleaned….I heard them say they’re quite a mess. But the vet didn’t want to do too many surgeries at once. So, once I’m all healed up, I’ll get those teefers done too! My foster mom says even with all the surgeries and stuff, I am the happiest, SWEETEST girl!! I wiggle my tail a lot when she tells me that!

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