Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
DOB: 6-2009

Sex: Neutered male
5.5 lbs
Foster home: Jenifer
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My name is Bandit and I am looking for someone that is available to rub my belly all day.  I will kiss you, snuggle in bed with you and be forever loyal. I love to be carried and I love to play with squeaky toys. I had to have surgery for bladder stones….that wasn’t any fun at all. If you can’t adopt me, can you send some dollars, so that APB can keep fixing up cute ‘lil dudes like me? If you sit down and forget me, I will happily remind you to pick me up so you can rub my belly.  I mean why else would you sit down if you didn’t intent to rub my belly? I will also bark if I need to go outside, so please take a little time to learn my language.  And I love little kids! I am a male Yorkshire Terrier, about 5 lbs, 5 or 6 years old and good with other dogs.  I will chase away the cats and bark at strangers.  I have had all my shots and do good with pottying outside.  I would be happy to travel or stay home.  Just rub my belly. Are you available? ~Bandit Email for questions about Bandit!