Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2012
Sex: Neutered male
18 pounds
Foster home: Lisa

Hiya! I’m Bodhi! They call me Bodhi, Bodhi Boo, Boo, Bo-dizzle – I really like that one. I’ll answer to any nickname you like as long as you’re talking to ME!!

I’m pretty easy going. I seem to like most people, and the kids I’ve met have been OK. I haven’t met a cat, though. I like other dogs, and playing is FUN!!! I also discovered TOYS! Toys are awesome!!!

I lived with older people, and my mom died…my dad couldn’t take care of me any longer. When I came to APB, I had a bunch of bladder stones. We took care of those, and I take a small supplement every day to keep them GONE! I also have a heart murmur, and take vetmedin twice a day. Talk to your vet to make sure you’re ready for this before you adopt me, ‘kay?

I’m housebroken, but I learned to use pee pads in my old home, and still use them here. I’d love a fenced yard, ’cause I don’t know how to potty on a leash very well. You’d have to teach me. Now, no-puppy is perfect, right? My foster mom says they have to crate me when they’re gone ’cause…I eat paper. Kleenex is my favorite, but I’ll shred anything for fun. I told her I wasn’t sure we had to talk about THAT, but she said it was important. Sigh.

I’m silly, funny, and adorable, so that ‘lil bad habit won’t matter to you, right?? Come apply for me!

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