Breed: Shih Tzu mix
DOB: 2018
Sex: Neutered male
12 pounds
Foster home: Julie

You may not notice at first but if you look close at my front legs, I don’t stand like other dogs with my paws pointing straight out in front of me.  
But don’t worry because my foster mom says there is no way I am in pain because I run around the yard and don’t limp or have trouble standing or walking or keeping my balance.  I may take a little longer to go up and down steps but the ones here don’t have carpet on them so maybe I could take them faster if they did have carpet.

Since I was an unclaimed stray in a shelter, no one was sure if I had an old break or injury to my bones so the nice veterinarian took some radiographs.  There were no old breaks that could be found, just some curved bones that should be straight.

So far I get along with all of the small dogs I have met and some of the big dogs.  I don’t really play with the other dogs though so I would probably be fine as an only dog.  

Right now I have a fenced yard so I am very good about doing my potty business outside.  I am not sure how good I would do with a tie-out or walking on a leash to potty.  

I haven’t met any cats so no one knows what I think of them but I am not much of a “naughty” dog so they may be okay to live with.  I did met some children at the adoption event and I liked them but none of them were toddlers or really young.

If you want to crate me, I like my crate.  In fact, I often go in there to sleep when the door is open and I decide I want a nap.  Of course, I haven’t tried to jump on the furniture and I probably couldn’t make it up there so I will need a nice doggie bed or crate to nap in.

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