Cataract surgery

Breed: Toy Poodle
DOB: 2002
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 7 pounds
Foster home: Dale
UPDATE: I got enough money for my surgery but it was not meant to be. Unfortunately my retina detached and now surgery will not help me see. But I really didn’t understand that I was going to have surgery so even though my foster person is sad, I am still the happy little guy that I have always been. I don’t really care that I can’t see because everything I need is taken care of and I can get around without much trouble. I am ready for adoption so fill out a senior application for me!
Update: We have a $1000 pledge from an anonymous donor if we can raise the rest of the money for Bobbie’s eye surgery! Can you help? I am blind. However, I went to a doctor that specializes in dog eyes and he says that if I have an operation on my right eye, that eye could see again! There isn’t anything he can do for my left eye but even if I can see again with one eye, that would be awesome. The bill will be lots of dollars though so I need to raise some money to help me afford this surgery. My foster people say I am so worth it because I am pretty healthy otherwise, get along great with other dogs and I haven’t met a human yet that I didn’t like. They say I am sweet and gentle and I always go outside to do my business. Have I convinced you that you can maybe send me some money? You can mail a check to APB (Animal Placement Bureau) or drop off money at Petco when we are there on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month or you can send money via Paypal. THANKS for reading and hoping you can help!!! Bobbie Boy Email for questions about Bobbie!

$1521 raised for Bobbie so far!