BellaPugFace FolgerPug

Heartworm Treatment


Breed: Pug
DOB: 2010

We were certainly surprised when two young pugs showed up at the same shelter.  The really bad part was when both of them were tested for heartworm and they were positive.  Even though they are both really young, they were already having trouble breathing and x-rays showed that they had blood clots developed in their lungs.  They were given medicines and thankfully both are doing extremely well and have a great chance of surviving treatment. Unfortunately, the medicine for treating heartworm is very difficult to for veterinarians to get so we are not sure when we will be able to treat them.  They may have to stay in rescue for a long time, costing money to feed them and keep everything up to date.  Then, when the medicine does become available, we are not even sure how much it will cost.  It is all very sad for Bella and Folger – although they don’t seem to care too much as they are both feeling much better and are happy friendly dogs.

Please consider donating money to help us pay not only for the initial extra treatment but for the hopefully future treatment that will completely cure them of the heartworm.


Sadly Folger started going downhill and while he seemed to be starting to get better, he died one night in his sleep.  Thankfully Bella is still feeling great and will soon have her heartworm treatment.

UPDATE: Bella is ready for adoption!  She made it through the treatment with no problems and is happy and healthy now!

Thanks to BowWow Brown for sponsoring Bella & Folger!