Shelter picture
After her grooming

Mammary Carcinoma

Breed:  Shih Tzu
DOB: 2012
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 15 pounds

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If Bella’s owner had had her spayed, she would not need so much help!  When our vet examined her, she had a very small lump in one of her mammary glands.  While it had to be removed and biopsied, we were not too concerned because it was so small and 6 year-old dogs usually don’t have mammary tumors.  However, the biopsy report was alarming — the growth was not completely removed and it would grow back if more surgery was not done.  Bella Ella had a more extensive surgery and another biopsy.  The whole mammary chain of her right side was removed and sent in for another biopsy and radiographs confirmed there was no obvious metastasis.  Blood chemistry verified she has no kidney or liver organ problems.

We are thankful that the second biopsy report says the cancer was completely excised! 

Please consider helping us help this sweet dog as she has many more years to go on being happy and carefree. 

Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146

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