Tumor biopsy & surgery

Breed: German Shepherd DOB: 2002 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie Baschatumor UPDATE 12/8/08 GREAT NEWS!  Basha’s tumor was completely removed so she is free from any cancer cells!!  She is recovering well from the surgery even though she looks a little strange with much of her hair shaved off her back.  Her ears are healing very well and her only special needs now is that she takes a pill twice a day for incontinence.  The incontinence may be a side effect from the steroids she was on for awhile for her ear infections and we should know more about that in a few more days.  Meanwhile, she is still the sweet, sweet dog who adores affectionate attention from her humans.  She still does not have much interest in playing with other dogs but we have found out that she can smell a rawhide chewy from 10 feet away and comes running hoping to get it! Basha is ready for adoption so fill out an application right away if you are interested in adopting her! bascha0309-4 Original Bio: Basha has certainly had an up and down life.  About 4-5 years ago she was adopted from a shelter even though she had chronic ear infections.  In fact, she was missing an eye because she had injured it beyond saving it due to her fiercely scratching at her ears.  Even though she had been saved, her troubles were not over as her new owner found out she was not only carrying puppies but that she was heartworm positive.  Lucky for her, he had her treated for the heartworm after her puppies were weaned and he even kept one of them to keep her company.  Even though she had a few years of the good life with her owner, he developed a terminal illness.  He found someone to take Basha’s son and Basha went to one of our foster homes.  She had a small lesion on her back that he was not sure about so we took her to the vet and a small section was sent in for a biopsy.  Poor Basha was in for more problems!  The report came back as squamous cell carcinoma so now she needs to have surgery to completely remove the tumor before it is too late. Basha is such a quiet and good dog and everyone at the vet’s office totally fell in love with her.  Many of the assistants who rarely make comments about the foster dogs had to be sure to let us know that this was one special dog!  So we will do whatever we can to make Basha well and help her recover so that she can find another good home. Please consider donating towards Basha’s surgery.  She has had so many troubles and we would really like to help her get over this new hurdle.