Breed:  Shih tzu
DOB: 6/11/2012
Sex: Spayed female


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Anya’s female owner passed away and her male owner was not physically able to care for her.  He contacted rescue because he didn’t want her to have to live in a cage in a shelter.

Anya was 11 pounds when we got her.  She never ate much at feeding times but she was always happy and wagged her tail a lot and loved attention.

She went to the vet for a dental and she had lost almost a whole pound.  That may not sound like much but that is almost 10% of her original weight.  A blood chemistry was done to make sure she was safe to put under anesthesia and unfortunately, Anya’s kidneys are in bad shape.

Often kidney failure is not discovered until it is almost too late to treat but Anya is not in failure yet.  Kidney tissue does not heal nor does it rejuvenate.  However, supplements and diet can help the remaining working kidney tissue filter the toxins from the blood.  Anya has some new supplements she has started to take and also a new diet.  We know we cannot cure her but we can at least make her feel better while she is with us.

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