Pemphigus foliaceus

Breed: Sheltie mix
DOB: 2005
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Jan & Al

Angel - face laying 450

Update! August 2009

As you can see from these new pictures, I look beautiful now!  I have that sleek long Sheltie/Collie nose.  I am a happy, cuddly girl who loves to be up on your lap!  I am very smart but could use some training to keep from jumping up on humans.  Until I’m cured of this habit, I shouldn’t be around very small children, as I might knock them over or scratch them accidentally.  Mom says that I am a wonderful dog and that I love everyone!


I have some GREAT news already!  Do you see how much better I am?!  It looks like I may not need medicine again since I have healed up and have not had to take anything for three weeks.  I am ready for adoption and I probably will not need anything special to keep me healthy!  Well, my face may be sensitive to the sun so whoever adopts me will want to limit my time outside in the sun on really clear days but other than that, I am good to go!  Hurry and fill out an application for me so that I can bring you some joy!  I love humans, I get along with most dogs, I am housebroke, I am calm for my age, I don’t bark much like some shelties and I am also a pretty girl!  (My foster mom keeps telling me that last little thing.)

Angel’s original story:

When I showed up as a stray in a shelter they thought I had been burned with something on my face.  It isn’t quite as bad as that but I do have pemphigus foliaceus so I am going to need some treatments for at least 3 months.  Once my problem is under control and my skin starts looking good, I can possibly slowly quit taking medicine and this ugly looking stuff won’t come back.  However, sometimes dogs with this condition do need to take medicine every other day for the rest of their lives to keep their good looks.  But don’t think I am not worth it!  I am a very nice dog and I get along great with other dogs.

Hopefully I can give everyone an update sometime in late August or early September.