Emergency foreign object removal surgery

Breed: Pixer (American Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer mix)
DOB: 8-2008
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Amy

Sweet little Aila came to APB as a starving and freezing pup, trying to withstand the cold winter with no meat on her bones and no food in her tummy.  She was so hungry that we can only assume she tried to stop the rumbling with a bunch of plastic knobs, tubing, etc and wound up having to have emergency foreign object removal surgery.  She breezed through the surgery and hasn’t looked back since.  Aila is about the size of a 3 month old puppy, but she is actually 6 months old, she weighed only 14lbs when she came into APB.  One week after her surgery, she is really filling out and is feeling great!


She still loves to wear her sweaters and to snuggle close to keep warm.  This little girl knows what it is like to have it rough and she is so very appreciative of the good life.  She has a really upbeat, ready for fun outlook on life, walks great on a leash, loves car rides and to meet new friends.  She’s working on housebreaking and is crate trained.  Aila has been great with all the animals she has met and would be a wonderful playmate for another pooch.  She’s a smart, fast learner and very intune with her people.  We’re not really sure how big she will get, it could be she is going to stay on the small side or that she was stunted and will grow now that she is getting food.