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Dog vs. Car – emergency surgery, broken pelvis!

Breed: Pug mix DOB: 2010 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 20 pounds Foster home: TJ & Erin 221-16
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Hiya! Abby here! So….no one is really sure what I was trying to be when I grow up. A Flying Wallenda? A cat burglar (get it? cat?)? I decided to try something new and different! I busted OUT of my crate, then busted OUT of the screen door, and tried to make a run for it before my foster parents even knew what happened! But I’m going to bet that none of those Flying Wallendas ever met a CAR, way up there in the air! Didja know when dog meets car, dog goes SPLAT? Yeah, go figure. So the doctors at MSU said my pelvis kinda looks like a jigsaw puzzle. The GOOD part is – they’re really, really good at jigsaw puzzles there. The BAD news is, it costs LOTS AND LOTS of dollars to put me back together again! My prognosis with surgery is good….without surgery, it was lights out for the Abby-ster. So APB is gonna try really hard to raise lots of dollars to fix me up. Do you have some dollars? Can you send some to help me? Paws crossed! Abby, who is giving UP her circus career! Abby pugmix plates xray  Abby pugmix side xray Plates are in and I am back in my foster home.  I am sooooo glad to be here and now I am going to be very, very quiet for a while… Abby pugmix post surgery2

Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146