Heartworm Treatment

ER Update 6-15-2008
Hi, I’m Abby. My sister Annabelle and I had bad, bad, bad heartworms. Ma Resa took us to the doctors. They give us medicine to make us better. The medicine made me sick ’cause the heartworms were SOOOOO bad!! I spent a long time at the Miller Animal Clinic then was okay to go home.

I was home a couple days when Annabelle got real sick and went to the hospital. The next day Ma Resa was crying and sad and told me Annabelle had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and would not come back. Annabelle was my best sister. I wanted to be with her for always.


Ma Resa knows I get lonely so lets me be in the house with her and the c*ts. I stay close to Ma Resa or her mate Wolf. (I think it’s funny Ma Resa’s mate’s name is Wolf ’cause he is human. Guess she just likes dogs too much.)

Anyway, after Annabelle went away I got MORE medicine for the heartworm larvae and got sick AGAIN. Ma Resa rushed me to Miller Animal Clinic late one night and had to hold me tight so the nice doctor could put an IV in my leg. I was real scared and cried and everything but I did not bite ’cause humans are nice and I love humans.

I had to stay at the hospital a couple more days but got lots better and came home. I have to have special supplement and liver diet food ’cause my liver is kind of goofy after being so sick. I don’t know if I have to eat it forever or not but it tastes REAL good and I eat a lot.

Ma Resa says I have gained a lot of weight, look real healthy and beautiful. I don’t know what that means but I like feeling good. I have get to take little walks every day. I was too sick to go for walks for a whole month!! I am happy to feel good.

Only one thing worries me. Ma Resa said I need to be fixed. I don’t think that is too good an idea ’cause every time Ma Resa took me to the doctors I got SICK. I think I’m fixed enough! I still like Ma Resa though. I wag my tail every time she talks to me to let her know I like her. Of course I wag my tail for every human I see…I just like humans so much!

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