Luxating Patella surgery

Breed: Shih tzu
DOB: 2005
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Julie

Poor Booker needs to have one of his rear legs operated on!  He is usually a playful and active little boy but then his patella (kneecap) will sometimes luxates (move out of position.)  Now most dogs with a luxating patella often do not need surgery because it is not very painful.  And most dogs have a patella that luxates medially (towards the body.)  Booker’s patella luxates laterally (outward from the body) and he is in such extreme pain that he will not walk or eat and barely can be convinced to drink.  He cries most of the time from all the pain.  Surgery will fix the patella so that it cannot slip out of its place again but it is a pricey surgery.  Please help us help Booker to no longer have any pain!  He will definitely be very grateful!!!

UPDATE: Booker has had his surgery, and is recovering well. He’s ready for a new home!

Thanks to Michelle Shauger-Tuczak & Ellen Van Buren for sponsoring Booker!