Willie Boy

Breed:  Borzoi/Mastiff Mix
DOB: 2015
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 70 pounds
Foster home: 

I am not quite as shy as some of my relatives that are up for adoption. When I went to the adoption event, I thought it was a little bit fun — not as fun as racing around my fenced yard chasing other dogs and playing keep-away with doggie toys but not too bad.  For a while I went to a training program and learned how to walk on a leash so if you want a walking buddy, I would do good now!

Like many sighthounds and mastiffs, I adore attention and once I am in the house, I am just a couch potato. I am young yet so I do need some exercise.  Running is what I love best so I will need a physically fenced in yard.

I get along great with other dogs and I don’t bother the small ones. I haven’t met any cats yet but I hear that quite a few of my relatives have been fine with them. I kind of liked the little humans who came to pet me but I am pretty tall and very food motivated so I might steal food from the really small ones.

Lots of times when I am resting, I like to go in my crate to either nap or just to lay there and watch what is going on. My foster human says I do have to be in a crate when no humans are home because otherwise I might steal non-doggy things off the counters.  I was not housetrained when I came here but I am doing quite well. That’s another reason I get to be in crate when humans aren’t around to let me outside.

I would love another dog to play with. Do you have one that would like to play with me? Apply for me then so we can get to know each other and start that playing!


I really am a borzoi mixed with bull mastiff.  A dna test was donated so my relative Krysta was done.  Here are her results.

If you would like more information, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com.

If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application