Toby – 2008


Heartworm treatment

Breed: Miniature Poodle
DOB: 2002
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Betty

All the shelter knew about my past was that my name is Toby because it was written on my collar that I was wearing.  No one was interested in adopting my shaggy self even though I am a friendly and happy dog who will be a good dog for someone!  So I came to a foster home to get cleaned up like a good foo-foo dog should look.  Now everyone can see what a handsome boy I am!  What more can you ask for in a guy:  good manners and good looks!

But then I went to the vet and we got some sad news.  I am heartworm positive!  I need to go through treatment to get rid of these “bugs” so please send a donation if you can to help us pay this big vet bill and soon I will be available for adoption.

TobyALVansilverpoodle0001 TobyALVansilverpoodle0004