Breed: Chihauhau
DOB: 2013
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 11 1/2
Foster home: Julie

I was really scared of new people after my owner passed away but I started to trust my foster human after only 2 days.  I am still a little scared at adoption events but they tell me that I will soon get better especially when all these strangers give me yummy treats.

I get along great with other dogs but I don’t play with them.  I spend most of my time snuggled under a blankie and if you will let me sleep on your bed, I prefer to snuggle under a blanket there, too!

The weather has been really nice so I go outside to do my business.  I am a Chihuahua though so if it is really cold or rainy, I may prefer to use a potty pad. 

If you want a little snuggle dog who rarely barks and doesn’t demand attention, then you should apply for me!

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