Glaucoma and eventual enucleation

Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2000
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Vicki
Poor Su tzi needed to have surgery – her left eye was very painful from the pressure of glaucoma and the best treatment was to remove it to give her relief. Even though she was uncomfortable, she was still sweet and gentle and was very stoical about her condition. Her fairly expensive surgery was completed and Su tzi will soon be ready for adoption. Meanwhile, we are gratefully accepting donations towards her vet bill.
Su tzi is in full coat and her hair is a great texture as far as maintenance. She can easily be kept looking pretty by brushing her about once a week. So far she has been very docile and mostly likes to relax in a doorway right on the floor. We are not sure if she just wants to be in the middle of everything so as to not miss anything or if she just prefers the harder surfaces to sleep on. Either way, she is a joy to have around because of her passive temperament and her sweet, pretty presence.
Suz tzi loves to go outside – she is housetrained and we have never bothered to crate her because she is so good. She gets along with the other dogs but doesn’t play or interact much with them.