Star – 2016


Severe skin and ear issues

Breed: Jack Russell terrier mix
DOB: 2013
Sex: Spayed fe
12 pounds
Foster home: Tom D.

Star is suffering from severe skin and ear infections and lesions.  After several visits to both her veterinarian and the specialists at MSU, we know that she has food allergies that have caused her skin to break out in sores all over her body.  She has started a prescription dog food diet along with medicated baths several times a week, and her skin is beginning to improve.  However, her ear infections are continuing.  We believe the ear and skin problems are related, but her vets are still trying to resolve them.

star2 star1

Star is a 3 year old Jack Russell terrier mix.  She loves to cuddle and give kisses.  Star was surrendered to a local animal control because her former family was unable to continue treating her ear infections.


Thanks  Gayla Kienutske for your generous donation for Star’s treatment!