Orthopedic Surgery

Breed: Shepherd mix DOB: 2003 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Jan & Al So what is so Special about Jerry, you ask? Well, he came in a shelter as a stray. He could not use his rear right leg and had many messy, infected puncture wounds on his body, head and legs. While the shelter staff treated his wounds, Special Jerry tried to lick their faces and acted grateful for the attention and care. When the staff, Animal Control Officer and Sheriff found out from the veterinarian that this dog would need hundreds of dollars of surgery to fix his leg, they knew he would never be adopted. Even though it was a long shot, they put out a plea for help because Jerry is SUCH a SPECIAL dog! He totally stole their hearts!

Sponsors: Pauline from up north, Jeffrey Fleming, Cynthia Borgman

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