Breed: Shih Tzu mix
DOB: 2015-2016
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 12 pounds
Foster home: Paula & Tim

Sander was taken in by Animal Placement Bureau after he found himself at Michigan Humane Society as an unclaimed stray.  He was heavily matted, ½ his proper body weight, and full of parasites at intake.  He exhibited many of the traits of a dog who was confined in a crate for much of his young life, very much like a puppy mill dog.  It was also clear at intake that Sander had decreased vision and APB promptly had him assessed by a canine ophthalmologist.  Sander has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, an inherited defect that will not progress further to blindness but leaves him somewhat sight impaired (a lot of us humans wear glasses right?).  There is no treatment that will fix this.  Sander certainly does not seem to miss the complete vision he has never had and we forget sometimes that he is not fully sighted.   He is a young dog, 1 to 2 years old, Shih Tzu mix, about 12 lbs, heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped and UTD on his vaccines.

Sander is very much a puppy in his behavior in foster.  He is piddle pad trained and will go to the door to go potty in the yard.  He is also crate trained.  He does not mark in the house and actually squats to do his business outside.  Because of his young age, likely continual confinement and lack of a consistent food source prior to his arrival at APB, Sander does practice coprophagia in foster, (stool eating).  He has been checked out by our veterinarian and this is not the result of any medical condition, but may have been a survival technique for Sander prior to his rescue.  This may improve in time with a steady, reliable, food supply and simple clean up after he does his business.  Sander loves to play with toys, chew on nylabones, go for rides in the car and take walks.  He will happily sit in a lap at night with his human.  He sits on command even when on walks.  He also has learned how to shake with his paw.  The perfect home for Sander would be one that can give him exercise in the form of regular leash walks, or a fenced yard to run in.  Because Sander is sight impaired, Sander must always be on leash supervised or confined in a secure fenced yard.  A dog of equal playful energy and size to Sander would be ideal but not necessary if he has humans to play with or gets exercise.  He gets so excited to see new people, and do new things that he will spin in circles!  Sander can play “puppy rough” and is still learning to be a bit gentler but he is much improved in foster.  For that reason we would want him placed in a home with older children.

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