Breed: Mixed!

DOB: June 2017
Sex: Neutered male
 37 pounds
Foster home: Julie

Mr ACTION, here.  If you want a dog that likes to play and play and play and play and play, then Rufus is the one for you!  Like most young bully breeds and retrievers, he has a lot of energy because he is very young.

He would really benefit from some obedience training and he would probably do well.  He learned crate training after two tries and now he RUNS to his crate and only his crate so he is likely smart and into learning and pleasing his humans.  He is always ready with a wagging tail and seems to be a very happy boy.

It is presumed Rufus was an outdoor dog as he had no house manners at first.  He still will take objects that are not doggie toys but he hasn’t had a potty accident in the house for a long time.  He is crated when no one is home and at night, though and he is made to go outside as soon as he gets out of his crate.  Most of the time he does his business right away but he can get distracted easily so he needs to be watched to make sure he does it before allowed back in the house.

Rufus is very good with all the dogs he has met.  He plays well with the other active dogs and leaves the older ones alone.  This might not be the case if there were no other dogs to play with and he did not get enough attention and exercise though.

When he met small children, he was very good but he can get pretty rough in playing so a timid child would not appreciate his exuberance.  But he had no fear of children and was happy for their attention.

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