Breed:  Yorkie/Shih Tzu
DOB: 2014
Sex: Neutered Male
9 pounds
Foster home: Patti

Because of this dog’s history, he REQUIRES a fenced yard and will only be adopted to a home with a secure, physical fenced yard. NO UNDERGROUND FENCING, NO EXCEPTIONS. This dog also REQUIRES another dog living in the home and, he will not be adopted to a home with small animals as pets, (i.e. gerbils, hamsters, birds, etc.) Applications received without a fence will not be considered and will not receive a response.

Rocky came from a bad backyard breeder/hoarded situation. He and his siblings didn’t have any human contact the first year of their lives. Because of this, it has taken the past two years for Rocky to understand that not all humans are scary monsters, and you can learn to trust.

This little guy does have a lot of love to give, and when he does trust you, he will give lots of cuddles and lap time.  He is still afraid of children 2 to about six. But he is very fond of his foster mom’s infant grandson.  He is pretty much watching the grandson get bigger every week and seems to really love being around him!

Rocky does great with all other dogs, in fact he trusts dogs much more than people. That is why it is required that another dog live in the same home.  A lot of  times, he won’t go outside to potty unless another dog is with him. It’s not known how he is with cats, but I think if the cat leaves him alone, he will leave the cat alone.  Rocky is a terrier thought, and he has killed a bird and also a big rabbit outside. That is the reason he won’t be adopted to a home with small pets.

Rocky is house trained as long as you keep him on a schedule. He does not like being created, but will tolerate it as long as it’s just a couple of hours. He is NOT good on a leash at all, we are still working on that with a “daisy chain” hooked to a dog he trusts. But that is a slow process.

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