Breed:  English Bulldog
DOB: 2009
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 83 pounds
Foster home: Julie

While I am not young man, I can run and play sometimes like a younger one.  I like to play tug and I will sort of chase a doggie toy and sometimes bring it back.  I will admit I spend a lot of time just snoozing but that means I am VERY EASY to take care of.

I go to the door when I want to go outside and if you don’t notice me, I will bark.  I will also use a doggie door to go in and out.

I was crate trained but I really don’t need to be crated since I never chew on anything, I never have any accidents in the house and I get along great with other dogs of all ages and sizes and temperaments.  In fact, if another acts scary to me, I try to get away.  I don’t want any fights and I prefer to just avoid any trouble.

My nose does have  hyperkeratosis but I am not bothered by it.  I got some nose butter now and I am very good about letting someone rub it on my nose.

Go ahead and fill out an application for me because I think we could be good friends!


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