Pedro – 2017



Breed:  English Bulldog
DOB: 2009
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 83 pounds
Foster home: TJ & Erin

#FF0000 Raised $1,375 towards the $1,425 target.

Update: Surgery was done and I am doing well.  I have checkups coming up and if all goes according to plan, I should be ready for adoption by mid October!  I was diagnosed with dry eye and will have to have daily eye drops for the rest of my life but hopefully I will not also get re-occurring infections since I had my surgery.

Original post:

I kept getting eye infections so I went to the eye doc.  He was nice to me but he says I need surgery.  I had surgery once but it must not have worked so now this special eye doc is going to do it.  I didn’t realize how much money it was going to cost me but my eyes hurt most all of the time so I really need it.


My surgery is scheduled but I have some time to raise the money.  Can you help?


Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146

If you would like more information, please email