Breed: Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix
DOB: 11/28/2006
Sex: Spayed female
  13 pounds
Foster home: Julie

My previous owner couldn’t live alone any longer and she really couldn’t take care of me anymore either.  I am looking for a new lap because I use to be able to sit in her lap a lot.  If you don’t have time for me to be in your lap, I promise I won’t be a pest but when you go to bed, I would love to sleep on the end of your bed.

I may need a little help with re-learning my housetraining.  It has been awhile where I was let outside on a regular basis.

Recently I went to the vet and had a dental.  The vet was pleasantly surprised that my teeth were so good for my age.  I did have pretty good care before my lap-person got old.  I do have a couple of squishy lumps but no worry.  They are just lipomas and don’t bother me.  The vet also drew some blood and ran some tests and said that I am really, really healthy.  I have a lot of years left to give you company and to keep your lap warm!

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