Olive – Special Needs

Breed:  Standard Poodle
DOB: 9/7/2015
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 40
Foster home: 

I was born with cerebellar hypoplasia.  My eyes work fine but my sight is impaired because my cerebellum isn’t fully developed.  My legs work fine but my balance isn’t perfect.  However, that doesn’t really slow me down!  I can still run and play.  I will not do long flights of stairs but if there are only a few, I will do then if you help me.  Otherwise, I am not really intimidated to try many things.  In fact, when I visited a family, they had a golf cart and it was more fun than anything to go for rides on it.

Mostly I am housetrained but it took me longer than normally developed puppies to “grow up” so when I get excited or distracted, I sometimes have an accident but I do know better.  Plus, I am crate trained and do not mind my crate.  I like to sleep in it and will take a nap in it if you have to go to work.

Playing with doggie toys and other dogs is fun.  I am a little clumsy sometimes though so I would be better living without slow senior small dogs.  I also will do best in a home without a lot of small children that are rambunctious and active — all that noise and action is so much stimulation and gets me a little worked up.

Since I can’t scratch my ears or really any part of my body, I just love it when someone scratches my ears or anywhere on my body.  It feels so good!

If you think you have the right kind of home for me, fill out an application!

If you would like more information, please email tzupoomom@gmail.com.

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