Sarcoptic Mange & Demodex Mange

Breed: Great Dane mix DOB: 12-2006 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie Ouch!  I was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange. Even though I have been treated and am no longer contagious to other dogs, the dead mites are deep in my skin and that makes me ITCH bad!!! Since I have been scratching myself a lot, I am prone to bacterial and yeast infections from all the open sores.  I have to take medicated baths every few days so that this doesn’t happen. As soon as my body completely absorbs the mites, I won’t want to scratch so much – then my skin should have no trouble healing and my hair will start growing back. Sometimes it takes a few months but just be patient and I will soon be available for adoption! Update October 25:  I am READY for adoption!!! Even though I got demodex mange after the sarcoptic mange was treated, I am all better now and ready for my forever home!  I still look like a ratty-Nattie, as if moths have been eating my fur, but I don’t scratch anymore and all my sores are healed.  And even though my hair hasn’t all grown back in, I do have hair everywhere and it will get as long as it is suppose to in no time at all. Now that I am feeling like a healthy puppy, I am READY TO PLAY with you.  I still want to be a lap dog and I am having quite a bit of trouble remembering not to jump on people for attention, but a little obedience will take care of any of my less desirable behaviors.  I will need to be crated for at least a few months because I love to chew on things and I am not fussy about what is a doggie toy and what is not.  But that is normal puppy behavior and I think I am still a big baby….. So get your fingers ready to fill out an application for me because I will be a great dog for you!