Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix
DOB: 2014
Sex: Spayed Female
 60 lbs
Foster home: Linda W

Mollie is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She was not socialized with humans nor did she go outside of her original home much so she is very shy in new places and with new people. In her foster home, she is totally at ease and adores attention.   It will not take her too long to learn to trust the humans in her new home.

Another playful medium to large dog in her new home will be needed.  She not only loves to play with them but she grew up with a lot of other dogs and will need the companionship after she moves to a new place to help her adjust.

Mollie is crate trained and house trained and when indoors, she sometimes goes into her crate for a nap.

She will need a physically fenced yard not only because she is a sighthound but because you may have problems with her going outside and being comfortable enough to potty on a leash.

Email if you have any questions.

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