Inguinal Hernia and Dermal Treatments

Breed: Shih Tzu DOB: 2005 Sex: Spayed Female Weight: 11 pounds Such a sorry looking face!!! And no wonder because this little girl has not been comfortable for a long time due to bacteria and yeast infections. She is feeling pretty miserable between the creepy-crawlies on her skin and the sores she has created from scratching. And to make matters worse, she has had a few litters of puppies, which has led to an inguinal hernia. When Mimi is comfortable enough to be spayed, she will have the hernia sewn up. To help her get better, Mimi will need to take quite a bit of medicine along with having frequent baths with pricey special shampoos. The hernia repair surgery is pretty expensive, too. Would you like to help out with a donation towards Mimi’s extra medical costs? She would really appreciate it! Mimi will not be available for adoption until mid-January.