Extensive Ophthalmology Appointments and treatments

Breed: English Bulldog DOB: 2007 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Theresa Little Miss Miah is a puppy mill survivor. She spent four years giving birth to litter after litter of puppies. She has been freed from that gruesome life and is looking ahead to great things in her future. Miah is smaller than the average English Bulldog, but her spunk and personality sure makes up for it! She is a loving, goofy, playful girl who loves all the attention she can get. She is content to play by herself but would much prefer to be with her human companions. Snuggling on the couch or bed (with a little help from you) and body scratches are the best things ever. Miah’s past has had some detriment to her future health. She does have keratoconjunctivitis sicca or what is commonly known as dry eye syndrome. Until she came into rescue, this condition was left untreated. Because of this, Miah has limited vision and will require eye drops for the rest of her life. It is possible that Miah could lose her eyesight completely. She also suffers from allergies and does have problems with her skin too on occasion. Due to her severe case of her KCS, Miah saw a veterinary ophthalmology specialist. He wanted to exhaust all medical treatment prior to surgery, if indicated. Because of this, she is currently on four different eye medications. Three are administered three times a day and the fourth one is administered four plus times a day. She is also on prescription food due to her allergies. She will see the specialist again on the 9th of February to determine if this is the regimen she will remain on or if surgery is, indeed, warranted. An update after this visit will be posted. Can you sponsor Miah, and help with her visits to the ophthalmologist? Thanks to Leslie & Robert Nason for sponsoring Miah! miah2