Max Man

Breed:  Boston Terrier
DOB: 5/29/2005
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 28 pounds
Foster home: Jen B

Hi, my name is Max, and I’m just about the mellowest dog you’ve ever met. My hobbies include lounging in sunny spots, lounging on the back of the sofa, lounging on the recliner you just got up from, and vacuuming every last molecule of food off the floor (or the end table, where you foolishly set your plate “for just a minute”).

My health isn’t super awesome. I take a supplement for my joints, but sometimes I need a little pain medicine because I have arthritis. I’m not really up for walks more than a couple blocks, but I still enjoy playing tug with my humans or other doggies.

I also had to have two mast cell tumors removed. The doctor said the tumors weren’t bad, and we just have to keep an eye out in case there are any more.

I love chewies (even more than I love chasing squirrels and skunks). I sit still to have my nails groomed. I only bark as needed (like when someone comes to the house. or near the house. or looks at the house). And I’m really great with other dogs. Basically, I’m just an awesome guy.

So if you’re interested in a super mellow guy who will keep your floors looking spotless, just send me an email, and I’ll have my people call your people.

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