Surgery for infected sinus

Breed: Schnauzer DOB: 2000 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Lisa So, my people took me to the doggie shelter. They said – Mack is a really good boy, but he’s got a big ole owie on his face, and it’s grossing us out. They wanted to trade me IN for another dog?!?!?! People, this is not a used car lot! The shelter said I was a really good boy, too, and asked APB if they’d help me get all fixed up. I went to the doggie doctor today, and the doggie doctor said the big ole owie is from an abscess that burst, from infected teeth. They cleaned my teeth, and TWENTY FIVE of them came out! They were all infected, and a bunch of them FELL out. They fixed up my big ole owie, too. The doggie doctor said I was probably in a lot of pain for a looong time. But see? I was still a good boy! Now I need to heal up really good, so I can tell my foster mom what kind of home I’d like. But teeth falling out and big ole owies cost bunches of money to fix up. Would you donate some money for me, and for getting me all fixed up? Remember, I’m a GOOD boy! ~ Mack! Update 11-29-10: Hi, efurrybuddy – it’s Mack! Lookie, no hole in my face! I got my stitches out today. The doggie doctor says I need to take antibiotics for another week, to make sure I’m all healed up, and keep an eye on my big ole booboo for another couple of weeks. I still need to give the doggie doctor a whole bunch of dollars – can you help me? AROOO!! Mack – I’m still a good boy!!   mack11-29